5 Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts That Will Make You Melt

Perhaps one of the most popular and versatile non-dairy ice cream, soy ice cream has been around for years. It offers a lighter taste than ice cream, and is available in most grocery stores.

If you are allergic or intolerant to soy, fear not! Rice ice cream is a perfect soy-free option. Thinner and lighter in texture, it has an instant melt-in-your-mouth consistency.

For a more authentic ice-cream flavor, try coconut milk ice cream. The fat content of the coconut carries the rich flavor in the way that (more…)

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Who Needs Greasy Bags? Make Better Chips At Home

It is estimated that consumers go through billions of bags of potato chips a year. In the midst of all that snacking, it is troubling to realize that the vast majority of these bags– comprised of mostly plastic and a strange foil-like material– end up in the trash or laying around as litter, full of chemicals that are dubious at best. Frito-Lay’s Sun Chips made some impressive strides by switching their tasty multigrain chips to compostable bags, but sometimes you just want some sliced spuds. Rather than stocking your pantry with bags of storebought chips, why not (more…)

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Green Living at Home

People wishing to live a green life at home have several options. Not everyone can afford clothing made of green fabrics, but they may launder what they own using natural soaps such as Castile soap. Using competitively priced green energy from local power companies, such as those found at www.texaselectricityproviders.com, will help make laundering clothes green. People can forego using chemical cleaners in favor of natural cleaners such as baking soda, lemon and vinegar. Those searching for green skin care products would benefit from using honey and lemon. They aren’t only good for a sore throat but also make a great natural facial. Sugar exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving fresh healthy skin.

Green grocery stores carry foods not grown in the normal way. The normal way uses growth hormones, chemicals and pesticides. Green foods are more expensive due to their lack of chemicals and hormones. Government subsidies in conventional farming don’t extend to organic growers, causing organic foods to cost more to grow and process. To help save consumers money, there are organic farmers who allow people to pick produce from their farms. Green living at home may include locating such farmers and picking your own produce.

If organic foods are simply too expensive to think about, try growing a few vegetables in your home. Many apartment complexes allow tenants to have pots on their decks containing flowers. Why not vegetables? Staking a couple of tomato plants, growing squashes, peas and even onions are possible in large pots bought from garden centers. Upside-down hanging planters growing strawberries or blueberries could be part of green home living plans.

Those wishing to live green at home can also make medications from their foods. Onions are great for alleviating chest congestion. Horseradish will open up the sinuses. Cayenne pepper is good for muscle aches. Ginger helps with stomach upsets. Garlic is good for many things and has been known to battle some types of cancer. Green living means making foods in the kitchen do double duty as health care products.

Green living at home is more than just solar panels and recycling. Even if people can’t afford to expensive organic foods, performing one or two green things at home will help the planet. Cloth grocery bags help. Cutting off the TV and games in favor of playing in the park helps. Green living at home is about peak good health, plus the happiness of knowing you’re making the planet better for your kids.

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Why Grass Fed Cows Make For Better Steak

Grass-fed cows are making a comeback. The cows roam in pastures and graze on a native diet. Harmful, drug-resistant bacteria can be transmitted from feedlot animals to humans. Grass-fed livestock is not given growth-promoting additives or treated with hormones. The cows grow at a natural rate, are stress free and healthy. Their superior health is passed on to people.

Meat from grass-fed cows is superior to feedlot cows in several categories. The total fat content is up to one-third less. The meat contains less (more…)

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10 Tips For Buying Local, On A Budget

Organic food consumption has greatly increased over the past two decades. Going back to basics is the recent trend and preferred way to live. As the demand grows, so are the prices. The production of organic produce and meat requires adherence to strict environmental regulations and substantial cost.

Certified organic food comes from established farm owners who experience limits of production. Massive quantities of organic food cannot be created without compromising the quality. As this industry expands rapidly, new techniques are developed to aid the farmers with the immense demand.

Non-certified organic food can typically be purchased at (more…)

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Picking Out Produce: Tasting By Touch, Sight, & Smell

There is nothing worse than getting home from the grocery store and discovering that you have chosen produce that is not the best selection. Produce is important because it is so good for us so it is important to learn how to choose the best produce by touch, sight and smell.

When choosing produce by sight you should look at the color to see if it is as it should be. Don’t choose any produce that is discolored or pale in comparison to other selections. (more…)

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Dinosaur Kale: 3 Contemporary Dishes Using This Prehistoric Green

As my spouse and I get up there in years, we have turned our diets away from manufactured, processed food and toward more natural green foods. Since doing this, we have noticed an improvement in our energy and health. When we started going green in our diets, we would use Kale because of its high value in vitamin K and A. As we experimented in our recipes, we have developed a taste for Dinosaur Kale because of its unique earthy, nutty flavor.

One dish we really (more…)

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Baking Vegan: 5 Egg Substitutes Better Than Eggs

The vegan diet is about eating natural foods without consuming anything made or processed with animal or dairy products. It is important to follow a well-planned vegan diet plan to ensure you meet your body’s nutritional needs. You naturally get your recommended daily nutritional values from the fruit, vegetable and whole grain groups with this diet, but you will need to find nutritional substitutes for the meat and dairy groups. This can sometimes pose a challenge in preparing certain (more…)

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Organic Food Labels: What Do They Really Mean?

Organic Food Labels: What Do They Really Mean? Choosing organic is definitely the way to go when buying food. The USDA has strict guidelines for planting, labeling and how they determine organic food. By choosing organic produce you can avoid consuming preservatives, pesticides, and genetically modified foods.

Naturally derived pesticides are used when growing fruits and vegetables instead of synthetic pesticides that have harmful effects on our bodies. The USDA has specific guidelines as to how organic (more…)

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